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That special connection

Sometimes, student interactions are more important than what they learn in class.

That is a radical statement isn't it?

Every teacher knows it.

We hate to admit it.

Here is my most recent experience. I was teaching a CPR class. I usually ask my students to introduce themselves at the beginning of class. However, it was after class that two of my students re-introduced themselves and learned they were from two neighboring countries in Asia! So close were their homelands, that they had family members in each other's countries and spoke each other's languages. One had been in the US for over 20 years and the other only 4-5 months. They were so delighted to find each other! Even after I had cleaned up, when I left the building, they were outside with their spouses talking. It made my heart leap. Without this little CPR class, just a few hours of their Saturday morning, they never would have met. As one said, "The world is a very small place." How true. I am so honored to have been part of their connection.

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