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When you can't communicate

For years now I have been sharing with my classes that cell phones have safety features built in. These features let you communicate when you are unconscious. One thing I haven't had was a handout or slide to show when I discuss this. So, far too delayed, here is some official information on setting up your way to speak when you are unconscious:

For Apple phones, visit Apple Safety to learn how to:

  • Make emergency calls

  • Use a locked iPhone in an emergency

  • Fall help

  • Set up a medical id that can be viewed by first responders

For Android phones, I found some interesting information on Popular Science's website. In this article by Popular Science, they discuss:

  • Android settings for Emergency

  • Built in Google Personal Safety App which can be downloaded from Google Play if it isn't built into your phone

  • Set a passcode so that the passcode entry screen will show the emergency call slider

  • You can also set up the option to share your location with emergency services

Another article from Popular Science explains some of the safety features built into apps like Uber or Facebook.

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