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The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation ran an article this week on home use of AEDs. I thought this might be worth sharing. For years, students have been asking if this is something they should have at home and I have long thought that as the price comes down, we will see greater AED ownership. The price isn't where it used to be but with a quick internet search, the price is still in the $1,000-$2,500 range. That isn't a huge price decrease over the past decade and it is still a high price for something you will hopefully never use.

Where does that leave the average consumer? This delay of care means a delay in AED access and early defibrillation is a critical link in the Chain of Survival. So, knowing most cardiac arrests happen at home, what are people in rural areas supposed to do if they know there will be a delay in care?

Check out the resources:

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