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Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start....

We've all been there. You sit up at night wondering how you can increase your business. You know you have a wealth of knowledge, but it just isn't enough to be a full-time gig.

For weeks now, it has been bothering me that my students just don't have all of the information about Covid-19 and the different protocols, nor about all of the ECC2020 guidelines that have changed. So I have been adding elements to my website so that my students can always access the information and don't have to hunt through their email for that one time after their class that I sent them something.

I added a member page where they can access the handouts I use. That was step one, but then the over thinker I am, I started a Google Drive site (The Waterlogged Blog) with Covid-19 and other program updates... Still not enough? Not for the over thinker in me, here I am starting a blog. I have no idea what I will actually put in here. Musings, links, who knows. So if you have anything you need from me, let me know. If you want to hear my thoughts on anything, let me know. I'm game for whatever comes my way because if I don't hear anything, I will just over think it.

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